Deep co2®

Face and eyelid rejuvenation without cuts.
The first equipment in the state of Paraná. A revolution for facial esthetics. With the most advanced technology of fractional co2, provides the best results of skin rejuvenation in a single session, reaching the deepest layers of skin and reducing recovery. Possibility of treatments with collagen contraction and visible reduction of skin flaccidity in eyelids and face in a single session improves from 8% to 14% the skin flaccidity as well as a significant improvement in wrinkles and expression lines, stains and a great boost for production of new collagen in the skin. Full skin recovery in 2 to 4 days, with the possibility of resuming usual work activities in 3 to 4 days following the procedure. Depending on the indication, there is a possibility of returning to work on the day after the procedure. Without any major discomfort in post procedure, there is no need for painkillers following a laser session.

Laserpele Center - Rua Padre Anchieta, 1846 - 7º floor - suites 704 to 708 - Champagnat - Edifício Biocentro - Curitiba/PR - Phones: 41 3336-8633 | 41 3095-8630
Cútis Clínica Dermatológica - Rua Ébano Pereira, 60 - 7º floor - suites 702 - Centro - Edifício Central - Curitiba/PR - Phones: 41 3233-7166 | 41 3233-0049