Facial and body fillers

There has been an enormous evolution in techniques, safety, and quality of fillers in recent years. All this made possible more natural results with a minimum discomfort for the patient as well as excellent safety, and product stability. Today, we can soften expression lines, correct nose asymmetries, malar areas (cheekbone), chin, mouth, elevate depressed scars, reconstruct facial volume loss , delicately augment lips or auricular lobes, raise eyebrows, correct a cellulite depression on buttocks or thighs, correct depressed scars, among other indications. A novelty is a widely commented volume augmentation for breasts and buttocks using fillers, without cuts or prosthetics. There are many types of fillers with hyaluronic acid with different particle densities, according to each treatment indication (lips, nasogenian grooves, malar areas, buttocks). Along with different hyaluronic acid particle sizes, there are also different degrees of permanence of filler effects on the organism, varying from 8 months to 5 years, depending on the product used and area treated. Another great novelty is a line of hyaluronic acid fillers combined with an anesthetic of the same product, which changed the method of application, thus providing a patient with much more comfort. There is also Radiesse – Calcium hydroxyapatite, which as well as being an instant filler, stimulates collagen formation in the area.

We do not use nor recommend to our patients “definite” fillers such as those derived from silicone, acrylic (metacryl, PMMA – polymethyl methacrylate) or polyacrylamides.

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