Botulinum Toxin - Botox® -Dysport®

Forehead furrows (worry lines, concentrated on the front), transverse wrinkles and periorbital lines (“crow’s feet”) around the eyes only become visible after years when a person moves the physiognomy or shows enthusiastic expression. This is due to hypertrophy, an enlargement in muscle volume, caused by a repetitive movement over years along with a genetic predisposition and the type of skin.
Botulinum toxin weakens/softens the action of muscles indicated and the result is a spectacular response. An eyebrow rises elegantly, the front remains serene and the physiognomy makes no exaggerated marks when smiling. The more natural, the better, without giving the aspect of a frozen face.
The treatment is performed in 10 minutes, practically painless, with no immediate or future risks or sun or other restrictions, and remains for 4 to 8 months! It can be repeated in accordance with patient’s needs.

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