Ulthera ®, Ultherapy ®

Ulthera ®, Ultherapy ®. The first and only non-surgical facial lifting technology. Now available in Curitiba, Ulthera or Ultherapy is available at the first clinic in the south of the country. Based on focused ultrasound, it results in non-surgical and non-invasive tissue contraction, approved by the FDA and Anvisa for flaccid skin.

During the procedure with Ulthera ®, the micro-focused ultrasound delivers thermal coagulation points (TCP) along a number of lines at two depths, in the deep dermis at 3 mm depth and in the muscle layer - SMA (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), at 4.5 mm depth. The ultrasound energy is focused at a point below the surface of the skin, concentrated in an area of around 1 mm³ per point, resulting in immediate contraction of the collagen and initiating the synthesis of new collagen, while the tissue retracts and becomes firmer. After treatment, the epidermis (surface of the skin) is not marked, therefore there are no restrictions on exposure to sunlight or work routines.

More than 10,000 thermal coagulation points are made at different depths during the Ulthera treatment.


• Ulthera combines great depth, temperature and accuracy without affecting the epidermis;;
• It can be used on I-VI skin phototypes throughout the year;
• Full treatment in a single session lasting 45 to 60 minutes;
• Excellent alternatives for patients with light to moderate flaccidity who are not yet ready for a lifting or surgical procedure.

The system

We interact with the system via a 27 inch touchscreen display where we can see the image provided by the ultrasound technology up to a depth of 8 mm.


In its own category:

The Ulthera system was approved by the FDA in 2009 and by Anvisa in 2012.
This is the first and only non-invasive technology approved by the FDA for flaccidity. Unlike traditional laser and radiofrequency devices, which generate heat in the skin through the skin surface, Ulthera ® provides micro-focused ultrasound energy to heat the tissue to the optimum temperature for neocolagenesis (>60ºC), without affecting the epidermis. Significant results, including skin support and facility, can be achieved in a single session lasting just 60 minutes, without downtime.


Uplifting ultrasound

Unlike lasers, which penetrate the skin from the outside in, Ulthera ® ignores the skin's surface and acts specifically in the deeper, more structural skin tissues. Using ultrasound technology, Ulthera truly works from inside out, to support and tone the skin non-invasively.

In some aspects, Ulthera is like an ultrasound exam. The handpiece is placed lightly on the skin and an image of the tissue underneath is projected onto a screen. This allows the physician to "see" where he will be treating the patient's skin.

The treatment

Ulthera is a new type of non-surgical and non-invasive procedure which uses ultrasound to stimulate collagen and reposition tissue, providing skin support and toning and improving skin flaccidity.

The equipment uses energy based on the depth that the micro-focused ultrasound reaches in order to stimulate deeper, structural layers of skin, including those typically affected during surgical restoration, without affecting the skin's surface.


Now there is a way to fight back against gravity. With Ulthera, there is no period of inactivity and no radical change, only a healthy internal rotation upwards providing a natural effect, which is visible externally.
The results will develop over a period of 2 to 3 months and some patients report ongoing improvement for up to six months. Although the focused ultrasound cannot duplicate the results of surgery, Ulthera has proven to be an attractive alternative for people who do not want to undergo surgical procedure.

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